W. Scott Balestrier, CPA

Chief Executive Officer

Scott is a seasoned financial executive in both the public and private sector, having served as a managing partner for several professional services firms over the course of his three-decade career in public accounting and consulting, during which over 20 years have been fulfilled at the Partner level. Scott’s expertise includes tax, risk management, information technology, financial accounting, employee benefits, capital raise, and succession planning. As the Managing Partner for an international accounting firm, Scott was responsible for overseeing the operations in the Philadelphia, PA tax practice, managing several departments, and dozens of employees. Through this high-profile position, he also developed and executed top-level strategy with technical resources and industry acumen, to bring additional value to clients and colleagues.

Beyond his most recent role, Scott has been the lead coordinating partner for companies in a wide variety of industries, and has significant experience working with manufacturing & distribution, retail, and financial services companies. He has also facilitated an impressive amount of high-level M&A proceedings, through both professional services firms, and his own clients.

A family man at heart, Scott has six adult children, and two grandchildren, with whom he always enjoys spending his free time. He also loves to cook for his friends and family, and he has a passion for Boston sports (Go Sox and Pats!).

Professional Affiliations

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants


B.S., Accounting, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

If you could do anything else as an occupation, what would it be?

I would be a chef in my own restaurant, specializing in a seasonally changing menu that reflects the local food (and my mood!) at the time.

What do you do outside of work to relax and recharge?

I have a busy schedule. So, when I have down time, I absolutely love to cook for my friends and family (I consider myself to be a bit of an amateur chef!). I also enjoy reading anything I can get my hands on — and hiking is another favorite pastime. In the past, I’ve participated in ultra-marathons and mountain bike races, but in recent years I‘ve settled down – I’m a bit too old and fragile for those things now!

What is your proudest personal or professional accomplishment?

Raising six children in a mixed family — while maintaining positive relationships with all — has been my most important personal achievement. Professionally, this new role is absolutely going to be my proudest accomplishment! Prior to that, it was starting my own business development firm — from a simple idea on the back of a napkin, to a concrete reality. Each of these personal experiences and professional opportunities have led me to this point; I’m truly proud, humbled, and grateful.

What is your favorite nonprofit to support?

I don’t have a favorite nonprofit, per se. However, I am incredibly passionate about providing quality education, equitable housing options, and eliminating food shortages in our communities.

If you could jump on a plane tomorrow and go anywhere in the world, where would you travel?

That’s a tough one – it depends on the weather! I would have to say the Outer Banks (during the summer) and Amsterdam (I’d travel to Europe at any time, really!).

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

My inspiration and drive are in helping other people succeed and thrive. Through my personal and professional endeavors, I am fortunate enough to be presented with opportunities to do that every day!

What part of your workday do you most look forward to?

The end-of-day meeting is always a good time for me; it’s productive and lends itself toward being the conclusion of a successful business day.

Describe yourself in three words.

Energetic. Passionate. Kind.