What Sets Us Apart

M Squared Consulting, a SolomonEdwards company, specializes in blending people, processes and capabilities to achieve critical business objectives and help clients succeed. Since we have walked in our clients’ shoes and know the challenges they face, we are able to ingrain ourselves in their businesses to become trusted advisors who work to deliver strategic expertise, present proven project delivery models and design custom solutions to solve their business problems and help them flourish in the evolving marketplace.

Transitioning from Strategy to Reality

We work with companies of all sizes and complexities and strive to understand their culture and needs so we can transition their strategy into projects that align those goals with reality. Whether transforming departments, processes and workflows, reducing risk or increasing competitiveness, all are byproducts of transforming strategic direction.

Our best-in-class recruiting platform, combined with the expertise of our talent acquisition team, allows us to identify, recruit, assess and deliver professionals with flexibility and scale.

Consultants are selected based on their fit with your specific industry, skill and experience requirements, as well as alignment with your business environment. We deliver talent in customizable configurations:

  • Managed team projects
  • Consultants and interim professionals
  • Managed service solutions


We Provide a Consultative Approach to Sourcing Talent

We know that our consulting services are only as meaningful as the people and talent behind them, and we place high value on developing enduring and mutually successful relationships with our consultants. Our approach to assessing talent involves a deep dive screening and vetting process that is less transactional and more consultative. The thorough process leads prospective consultants thru multiple interview rounds, speaking with talent acquisition managers, subject matter expert and practice leadership to ensure an appropriate fit and synergy for our clients’ needs. We set our consultants up for success, ensuring they have the information they need to ramp up to full effectiveness quickly and efficiently.


Subject Matter Experts Lead Our Engagements

Our engagements are led by Partners and/or Principals who wear the dual hat of subject matter experts. Our bench team is supplemented by project consultants when additional human capital or a specific skill set is required for a project’s needs. This framework ensures full visibility into the engagement, as well as the precise execution of each clients’ unique needs and requirements. In addition, it allows us to partner with our project consultants so that they are supported throughout their engagements with the tools, templates and oversight needed to focus on delivering successful business outcomes.

We Leave Behind Intellectual Capital

Our experts work to transition our project knowledge to your teams through coaching, training and documentation.


Complimentary Services Designed to Help You Succeed

Business transformation, change management, communication strategies and executive leadership coaching are all core programs of an integrated approach that achieves strategic initiatives.