Exceptional talent for complex situations.

Our Banking & Financial experts have successfully tackled some of the most complex situations the industry has faced in decades. Our emphasis on navigating the changing regulatory environment, combined with superior banking expertise and customized solutions allows our banking clients to focus on their customers, shareholders and business growth.

This focus makes our Banking & Financial Services team the ideal partner for financial organizations of all sizes – from large global institutions to small community banks, non-bank originators and servicers, government and government-sponsored financial services enterprises.

Our clients partner with us to:

  • Balance regulatory and compliance demands with efficient operations within a framework of controls.
  • Avoid costly ramp up time and delays due to learning curves.
  • Receive hands-on experience from former bankers, bringing best practices to each engagement.

Our services

Accounting Operations Support

Business Operations Support

Business Transformation

Data Solutions

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Technology Enablement

Transaction & Regulatory Advisory Services

Our promise to your business

  • Flexible & scalable talent
  • One stop shop for all your banking and financial services project management needs
  • Project and change management synergy
  • Master implementation delivery
  • Cost effective pricing structure

Relevant client engagements

We serve a range of clients in the banking and financial services industry, some of which include commercial, retail and community banks, mortgage companies and wealth management firms.

  • A global financial services company requested assistance with the quality assessment of the business platform and identifying structural process, control, regulatory and internal compliance gaps that required remediation for it to reach full operational volume. At a high level, SolomonEdwards reviewed all documented policies and procedures and conducted in-depth interviews with all stakeholders, including those involved with the daily operations and loan level transactional review of any product purchased on the date we commenced our assessment.
  • SolomonEdwards was engaged by the Chief Compliance Officer of a national bank to provide a senior resource with the BSA/AML and Sanctions expertise needed to design and document a comprehensive Risk Assessment program which met their needs and aligned to regulatory guidelines. Working with Bank and Holding Company AML Officers, our resource developed a risk assessment methodology within the first 30 days, then lead a team to complete assessments of six business units in time for year-end Bank Board approval.
  • A large consumer bank and one of the top three credit card brands in the United States was concerned that Regulation E disputes were not being handled properly and wanted a review prior to a formal regulatory review. The consumer bank wanted to ensure that procedures were adhered to and well-documented. ​All 13,700 disputes were reviewed, with a recommended course of action provided to the client for each dispute. Credits due to a customer were quantified, interest and fees associated with customers’ accounts were calculated, improper reversals were reported, and items that were remediated but not within regulatory required timeframes were reported.