Human Resources Transformation

Many people have adjusted to working from home and many want it to continue. Research shows that productivity is up. Will that last? Here are some factors that we need to consider as we embark on what Future of Work looks like:

  • According to PwC, 2/3’s of all companies is shifting how they generate revenue by altering their product and services mix. For example, this requires changes to marketing, product and services support teams, sales approach, and messaging, and a new or updated company strategy.
  • Regarding this new strategy, how do we engage our employees to build excitement and align to execute the business’ objectives? What is the cost if we fail? Will the workforce focus on busy-work or value-driven results?  
  • Leadership has navigated as best they can in this new world. However, they often don’t have enough time, experience, or necessary skills to mobilize their team to achieve the optimal outcome.
  • Employees want to re-think how productivity is measured. 86% of employees said they would prefer to work for a company that prioritizes outcomes over output.
  • Learning continues to be key. 88% of employees confirm that skill development is the most important factor, when searching for a new position.
  • Stress levels are increasing for many and will have a growing impact on the way we work as well as employee engagement and health.

So, what do we do? Create a holistic approach lead from the top but centered on the voice of the employee! The traditional piecemeal elements will not be enough.

SolomonEdwards’ framework includes the elements below:

All organizations are unique and therefore the approach to Future of Work must align with the unique drivers. SolomonEdwards has developed, a library of questions to assess current state on 12 building blocks. We have also forged some amazing partnership with market leaders in their respective fields.

Employee Engagement Roadmap:

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