Business Transformation

Delivering strategic thinking and tangible output.

Business Transformation M Squared
M Squared’s Business Transformation service delivers strategic execution and tangible outputs designed to create a positive impact on your organization and maximize performance through measured operational excellence.

Using a holistic approach, we help executives and leaders play a more prominent and proactive role as facilitators of organizational business transformation strategy, assisting teams as they tackle business and financial challenges, with a focus on improving the efficiency and efficacy of operations.

As professional services specialists with a fleet of expert talent on-hand, we specialize in launching new go-to-market strategies, improving operational efficiencies, implementing new technology, re-engineering business processes, introducing organizational change, and reimagining leadership and/or culture.

M Squared will collaborate with your business to address its unique challenges, aligning strategy with operations through our suite of business transformation offerings.

Areas Where We’ve Helped

  • Strategy Changes
  • Acquisition Integration
  • Objectives & Key Results (OKRs)
  • HR Transformation
  • Roadmapping
  • PMO as-a-Service (PMOaaS)
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Finance Transformation
  • Reporting as-a-Service (RaaS)

Our Commitment to Your Business

Whether providing project management and execution or resources for project augmentation, we are committed to:

  • Partner with you on all aspects of our engagement
  • Be flexible in our approach aligned with your culture, process, and needs
  • Execute at the highest level of quality
  • Conduct Knowledge Transfer as we transition out

Relevant Business Transformation Projects

  • A biotechnology company was growing quickly and expanding its manufacturing footprint. Our team of experts identified gaps between current state and future targets within the business processes and technology integration activities and aided in the development of a current state process capability maturity assessment.
  • A global networking company acquired a company with a start-up culture and resistance to a full integration. SolomonEdwards provided a team of four Integration Leads and various SMEs on a series of integration workstreams. Each workstream managed the integration and enhancement of processes across their functional area. Additionally, we supported the IMO with change management, communication, and project coordination across all workstreams.
  • ​​​​SolomonEdwards brought in a recognized industry expert to implement an emerging system for several large corporations. Our expert was able to work with vendors, business owners and the accounting, training and reporting departments to compile their needs and successfully implemented the new system.

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