Program Management Office (PMO)

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The use of a strategic program management office (PMO) may deliver a 25% decrease in the number of failed projects companywide and can improve strategic alignment by over 40%. PMOs also foster a culture of learning, which is a priceless, lasting benefit.

We customize PMOs to the needs of each situation and client environment.

• Program Management
• Project Management
• PMO Development & Implementation

PMO Design

The customized design of a PMO for a specific purpose. It can be for managing a Portfolio, a Program or multiple non-related Programs or Projects. Sometimes the PMO resides in IT but more and more often in the business.

PMO Implementation

Implementation of the as defines in the Design.

PMO Management

Operating the PMO. This can be done as a managed service, project or staff augmentation.

PMO Maturity Assessment

Measure how well the PMO is supporting its defined scope and recommend improvement as needed.