Program Management Office (PMO)

Addressing every step of program and project oversight.

How many times have you launched a program only to have it get lost in the day-to-day demands of your business? You’re not alone. To execute successfully takes a strong project team, clearly defined scope of tasks, and monitoring progress toward goals.

Studies show that only one third of special projects are successful and most (53%) end up costing much more than originally estimated. Why do so many projects fail outright while others lag behind schedule or end up not delivering expected results? Success is often compromised because assigned leads still have to contend with businessas-usual in addition to the program or project they’re assigned to execute. They are not typically equipped to develop, manage and deliver complex programs and projects using consistent methods that tie project results to business goals. SolomonEdwards is equipped to help your team address every step of program and project oversight from start to finish. Drawing upon our deep experience we guide you through this process:

  • Infrastructure – Evaluate and select technology to support execution of programs and projects
  • Governance – Define roles and responsibilities, and provide oversight
  • Budgeting – Fiscal practices and controls of projects and programs
  • Planning – Plan activities at multiple levels; addressing different goals
  • Execution – Drive the plans and administer both projects and the overall program; regularly meeting milestone targets