With the exponential growth of the $3T Internet of Things, the demand and need for technology, software and data analytics is exploding at the speed of light. Our team understands the challenges facing the technology industry and has a firm grasp on the necessary considerations businesses must take to maintain a competitive edge.

The implementation of rapid, adaptable, efficient and customizable technology solutions is imperative for companies to mitigate risk and remain competitive in the marketplace. Being cognizant of the many influences that can affect the technology buying decision will help suppliers to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Another important consideration is for tech companies to align their leadership and business strategy with structured business planning and measurement.

SolomonEdwards works to ensure clients have the necessary foundation to gain key insights and make better business decisions regarding technology. We manage the implementation of project initiatives from business process and systems to design, to new systems implementation and merger integration, from increasing top-line results and boosting market share, to improving sales performance and enhancing customer service.


Service Areas

  • Program, Project and Change Management
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Technology Assessment
  • Technology Strategy and Benchmarking
  • Software Integration and Conversion
  • Technology Risk


Our promise to your business

  • Flexible & scalable talent

  • Cost effective pricing structure

  • Subject Matter Experts Lead Our Engagements

  • We Leave Behind Intellectual Capital

  • Complimentary Services Designed to Help You Succeed

Relevant client engagements

We serve a range of clients in the technology industry.

  • A California-based technology giant needed quality data to help identify sales opportunities for end-of-life equipment. SolomonEdwards’ analytics experts implemented a complex data analysis project that put critical customer leads into the hands of the sales force. Armed with this information, the company’s sales force booked an incremental $250M in revenue in the first year following the project launch.
  • A global IT company needed a partner to assist with a major change management project. SolomonEdwards created a change management strategy, methodology and framework for successfully embedding change agility throughout the organization. Additionally, we developed a process for their portfolio management office to ensure change management was reflected throughout the lifecycle of every project. The overall impact of our work resulted in the identification of key gaps in several large, cross-functional initiatives that uncovered more than 7,000 missed stakeholders.