Leading strategy execution in key industries.

Our experts offer guidance and execute strategies across a wide range of industries, including:

• Banking & Finance                                       • Healthcare                                                 • Oil & Gas

• Biotechnology                                              • Hospitality                                                  • Pharmaceuticals

• Energy                                                          • Government                                               • Real Estate

• Engineering                                                  • Manufacturing                                           • Retail/Consumer

• Food & Beverage                                         • Media                                                         • Technology


Primary Areas of Focus


Banking & Finance

Our Banking & Financial Services has successfully tackled some of the most complex situations the banking and financial services industry has faced in decades.




We bring together leading consultants from our core service areas to execute strategies related to strategic planning, business transformation, supply chain transformation, change management, organizational development, technology assessment and asset strategy planning for both major players and startups in the energy industry.




M Squared has nearly twenty years of experience working with leading payers, providers and suppliers across the U.S. to improve operations and grow their businesses. We have the expertise and experience healthcare organizations need to develop and launch products and implement new technologies, while keeping costs down.




Our team understands the challenges facing the technology industry and has a firm grasp on the necessary considerations businesses must take to maintain a competitive edge. The implementation of rapid, adaptable, efficient and customizable technology solutions is imperative for companies to mitigate risk and remain competitive in the marketplace.




We have worked with hundreds of manufacturing and distribution companies over the last decade to help them to cut costs and streamline operations due to challenges mounting from rising material costs, increased labor and healthcare costs, and severe price competition in the marketplace.