Executive Communications

We have organized our executive communications services around three proven solutions that can have an immediate impact on company performance, creating a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Executive Solutions Service Offerings

High performing organizations leverage a deep bench of executive spokespeople and communications models to connect the dots between high-level business strategy and successful execution with employees and key external stakeholders.

New Executive Communications

Executives new on the job are expected to hit the ground running. The “first 90 days” mantra has never been more important. The stakes are high for onboarding leaders quickly and effectively.


Employees want to work for the best of the best, and they expect those high-level executives to immediately demonstrate vision and leadership know-how. With this top of mind, SolomonEdwards offers a quick-start transition program for new senior executives – both new to the company and via internal promotions. While each client engagement varies considerably, there are four foundational components.

  • Observe, Listen and Learn: The engagement begins with a robust assessment process. We partner with client SMEs and stakeholders to gain insights on topics from employee sentiment and organizational strategy to the brand of the prior leader in the role and assessment of incoming executive’s communication preferences and capabilities.
  • Create Audience and Channel Analysis: Simultaneously, our team creates an audience analysis that will guide decision-making in the leader platform and communication planning phases.
  • Formulate Leadership Platform: In collaboration with the executive and members of the leadership team, we develop a leadership platform that describes the new leader’s approach to communications, key priorities for the organization, engagement strategy, communication goals and core messaging.
  • Deliver 90-Day Communication Plan: This execution blueprint integrates findings from the prior components into a detailed communications plan that includes desired outcomes, channel strategy, and an editorial calendar.

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