Data Solutions Overview

Exceptional People. Agile Thought Leaders. Proven Results.

SolomonEdwards is a leader in driving data-based insights, increasing agility and innovation, consolidating processes and operations, establishing the fundamental data core principles, and fostering a digital culture for organizations of all sizes, across numerous industries. We deliver proven data solutions results–on schedule and on budget–increasing your company’s bottom-line, and giving you back valuable time…one of your company’s most precious resources. Many data governance and management projects run into roadblocks due to budget overruns, not understanding the people, processes, technology and data, or identifying clear success measures. Our data solutions experts have decades of experience solving dynamic, foundational, complex digital transformation, and data challenges for global companies.

Data Solutions

  • Data Governance
  • Analytics & Innovation
  • Data Strategy and Operating Model
  • Master and Reference Data Management
  • Data Quality, Enrichment, and Cleansing
  • Data Maturity
  • Data Security & Privacy
  • Data Change Management

Benefits of Digital & Data Transformation

  • Transforms Customer Experience
  • Reduces redundant and inefficient practices
  • Drives Data-based Insights
  • Provides Actionable Direction (a clear path to follow)
  • Increases Agility & Innovation
  • Fosters a Digital Culture
Our rapid recruiting and deployment model can scale to hundreds per project.

Data Analytics, Compliance & Technology

A California company was struggling with the ability to produce mandatory reporting. The company’s CFO requested that SolomonEdwards perform an analysis to determine the root cause of its reporting and data capture issues. Our consultant worked with the client and the regulator to earmark inconsistencies, and to identify the key sources of these errors. Results of the analysis determined that the company’s data issues were derived from a fragmented workflow process and the misuse of related technology. Our consultant strategized with the client, creating a plan to re-engineer the IR workflow process, improve data capture and quality, and assess the current technology solutions utilization.

Data Protection Risk Controls Assessment & Roadmap

SolomonEdwards leveraged our managed services model and developed an Information Security Assessment, Process & Control Flows, Identified Issues & Gaps, and provided a Remediation Roadmap experiencing high-profile internal control breakdowns regarding data protection, the possibility of economic loss due to control failure, segregation of duties, and preparedness to cyber threats.