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A novel approach to Order-to-Cash (OTC) optimization

Order-to-Cash (OTC)

Are you struggling with credit and collections?

Cash and receivable issues are on the radar screen for senior-level executives, board members, and Wall Street. If you’re struggling to increase free cash flow, SolomonEdwards’ Dash-for-Cash (DFC) program is a novel approach to Order-to-Cash (OTC) that frees up working capital by bringing cash in the door and establishing a roadmap for a sustainable model — including a plan to deliver quick results.

Our Approach

We put experienced people on the ground, working alongside your personnel to identify high priority OTC improvements that have immediate impact on the effectiveness of AR collections. We use a two-phased approach to assess internal practices while executing on the DFC program.

Is Dash-for-Cash the right OTC fit for you?

If you check some of these boxes, there’s a good chance that we can find your cash and help you improve your processes:

  • Is your DSO growing?
  • Is your Allowance for Bad Debt growing?
  • Are your Shared Services teams failing to achieve targets and KPIs?
  • Has your Past Due AR increased following a recent system implementation?
  • Is your Customer Master missing key data needed to bill and collect?
  • Is there a lack of accountability for dispute resolution?
  • Do you have multiple ERP systems and lack visibility into detailed Agings?
  • Are there poor incentives for your sales and/or customer service team to fix collection issues?
  • Do you have a big year-end fire drill to bring in cash?
  • Do you lack the bandwidth or expertise to develop a strategic plan to resolve Past Due AR?

Credit & Collections Health Checklist

Download this health checker to assess whether you need OTC help. If you answer yes to any of these boxes, there’s a good chance that we can find your cash and improve your processes.

Download brochure

Addressing Key Components of the OTC cycle


of the AR portfolio

How many of your customers without standing receivable balances are over their credit limit?

Collateral Controls

What's the visibility and access to your contract datasbase?

Reserve Policy

What is your policy and how are you enforcing it?

Collections Process

How well are your collectors following best practices when it comes to day-to-day processes?

Tools & Systems

Do you have a collections dashboard? Are you using a collections module? Have there been data migration or integration challenges?

Dispute Management

Do you have a dedicated team to resolve invoice disputes?

Cash Application Controls

How often does a cash applicator misapply cash to the sub-ledger?

The Approval Matrix

and delegation of authority

How are overrides to credit limits approved and tracked?

Organizational Structure

including segregation of duties

How siloed are responsibilities between collections and cash application?

AR Aging

analysis of trends and data integrity

How structured is the data integrity and are there issues with the story that the AR sub-ledger tells?

Program Benefits

Drive faster collections

Recover reserved balances to achieve ROI

Increase liquidity

Improve customer experience

Improve visibility and accountability through KPIs

Use time and money for other projects

We used SolomonEdwards for our revenue recognition and order-to-cash projects and found their people to be extremely knowledgeable and responsive. They hit the ground running, worked well with our team, and exceeded our expectations on both projects.

- CFO, multi-national manufacturing firm

SolomonEdwards provided a team of exceptional project managers and subject matter experts that successfully helped us navigate two complex projects – revenue recognition and order-to-cash. As a result, we met all compliance requirements and deadlines, lowered our day’s sales outstanding and recovered over $33 million in uncollected receivables in 16 weeks. SolomonEdwards is our go-to firm.


Our novel approach to OTC optimization

SolomonEdwards embeds a team to immediately start collecting cash, all while cataloging root cause data. We will:

  • Roll up our sleeves alongside your teams
  • Validate the processes impacting the ability to collect
  • Offer recommendations to fix them
  • Identify root causes for non-payment with your Customers, Collectors, and Sales Teams
  • Recommend sustainable changes to drive down DSO

….all while we’re collecting money for you and generating a positive ROI!

How we've helped others:

Global Manufacturer of Industrial Equipment

SolomonEdwards helped a Fortune 500 company operating in 50 countries in the middle of an initiative to free up $200- $300 million in cash flow from its AR balances throughout its global footprint. ​We helped the client realize a 700% ROI on consulting fees with the following benefits: • Over $33M collected in the first 16 weeks from customers; $80M in total • Recovered $19M in bad debt reserves by focusing on severely aged items​ • Developed a roadmap for sustainable improvements to be achieved in 4-6 months

Leading Industrial Services Company

An industry leading supplier of advanced industrial safety equipment and services was falling short of its targeted DSO and working capital. The management team engaged SolomonEdwards to assess its OTC processes, establish targets, and develop a prioritized roadmap. We deployed a modified DFC project team for their specific distressed portfolio. • Reduced DSO by 7 days in 4 months • Established a cross-functional accountability model for Past Due AR • Developed detailed plans to achieve the remaining DSO reduction and transitioned to the client team to execute

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