Change Management

Managing changes to reinforce the execution of projects.

Many organizations are in a constant state of flux from transformation initiatives. These projects cost millions of dollars each year and many of them fail due to people factors (e.g. incomplete adoption, stakeholder resistance, varying executive support, and poor communication). A properly executed change management component of these projects would minimize resistance and improve adoption by addressing the emotional impact that

change has on people.

How Can We Assist

SolomonEdwards’ Business Transformation Service assists organizations with managing change to reinforce the execution of projects. We develop and implement a change management component that aligns stakeholder expectations with project outcomes and change activities with project timelines. Our change management approach, outlined in Exhibit 1: Change Management Approach, is consistent with change management leading practices such as the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK) and the Prosci® Change Management Process.

Exhibit 1: Change Management Approach

Core Offerings

Our firm’s approach can be used as a stand-alone component that supports existing projects or oen that is integrated into our Business Process Improvement and    Program    Management    offerings. In either case, change management activities must be synchronized with the project schedule and resourced with experts. SolomonEdward’s approach is flexible and adaptable to meet the unique project requirements and organizational environment of our clients.

The  goal  of  any  transformation  project is to improve the organizations current state, with an ongoing benefit from the investment. The change management component should be viewed as a form of risk mitigation to the many people factors that can derail the project.




Check out these high-level steps to develop your organization’s roadmap: