Organizational Effectiveness

Helping clients design balanced organizational architectures.

Many organizations struggle with translating their strategies into results. They will continually change leadership, processes and technology in a vain attempt to achieve the outcomes envisioned in the strategies. However, the primary issue lies in a historical organizational architecture that has not been adapted to the current vision and strategy.


How Can We Assist

SolomonEdwards’ Business Transformation practice thrives on assisting clients to design a new organizational architecture that is balanced and covers all aspects of an organizational architecture, not just the organization structure. We have the depth of resources and range of experience necessary to build the business case for change, assess organizational readiness, and redesign the organization’s structure (topography and decision rights), rewards system (compensation and benefits), and performance management system (metrics) in a balanced manner.

SolomonEdwards’ approach for organizational design projects, outlined in Exhibit 1: Organizational Design Approach, is organized into four stages (Define, Design, Deploy and Reflect) to create divisions that allow us to collect lessons learned, to pause before moving forward and to determine if the project will still meet its initial business case.


Exhibit 1: Organizational Design Approach

Core Offerings

Working with our clients, we define the current state, formulate strategies and a plan of actions, design the new organization and processes, deploy the new organization and reflect on the outcomes. We also apply change management activities to encourage the acceptance and adoption of the new structure and processes. Finally, we use metrics to demonstrate a return on investment and alignment of the restructuring with the business case.



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