Portfolio Management

Quickly identifying solutions for end-to-end processing and analysis.

Today’s high-touch portfolio management and servicing necessitates the skills to support complex accounting and financial requirements, specialized portfolio and servicing surveillance, portfolio modeling, profit and loss analysis, business process improvement, portfolio due diligence, and financial and operational risk management. Based on extensive experience assisting large and mid-size financial institutions, SolomonEdwards has developed a tool with the required skills in mind.

Core Offerings

By combining best practices with SolomonEdwards’ unique project management methodology and our client’s needs, the tool quickly identifies operational inefficiencies and solutions for end-to-end processing and analysis. We have found that these inefficiencies usually arise as a result of outdated operational processes, sub-optimal use of system functionality, inherited legacy practices, and ever changing regulatory guidance. The tool is flexible enough to be customized to adapt to the Client’s culture and to fill identified process and/or core system gaps. The end solution adheres to the Client’s governing rules and regulations, as well as investor guidelines and/or servicer/sub-servicer agreements.