Supply Chain Management

Establishing high functioning, spend consolidating supply chains.

Why Transform Your Supply Chain?

High functioning supply chains are paramount to margin protection, revenue growth and risk mitigation for almost every company. Over 60% of total spend is typically addressable and managed by the supply chain function making supply chain a key target area for bottom line savings. Supply chain excellence is also critical understanding total costs for pricing, Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP), managing quality and customer service, ensuring contract and regulatory compliance, and supply chain risk mitigation.

The key to capturing real value is building Fit-for-Strategy capabilities, aligned to corporate vision, internal stakeholder priorities, and market realities.

Why SolomonEdwards?

SolomonEdwards has the practical experience, performance management skillsets and change management framework to drive and sustain supply chain value.

  • Our consultants have sat in the same seats as our clients, been held accountable for their results in industry roles and understand how to capture supply chain value through our people-focused change management approach
  • Fit-for-Strategy solutions and performance management solutions that deliver sustainable and scalable results
  • Measurable results based on proprietary rapid assessment tools, industry knowledge and “Total Value Captured” approach
  • Big 4 capabilities at 40% the cost due to a supply chain bench focused on our clients’ core needs and sister practices with over 16 years of financial and accounting experience
  • Option to retain certain talent to ensure sustained results, knowledge transfer, training, and organizational development

Here are some steps we use with our clients to guide them through a simple but impactful approach when it comes to vendor risk management: